Mission Statement

Educating the Head, Impacting the Heart and Empowering the Hands

Educating the Head

Many Christians experience defeat in their lives, simply because they lack a thorough understanding of God’s Word (Hosea 4:6).  At VBCR, we seek to establish a solid biblical foundation upon which you can build your life and ministry.  This foundation will help you guard against deception, increase your level of faith, grow in your walk with God, and face life’s battles with the tools and the confidence to win.

Impacting the Heart

While knowledge is important, it’s only the starting point.  In order for knowledge to really impact your life, it must go past your head and begin to impact your heart.  It must become real to you personally, and be reflected in your daily life.  At VBCR we strive to provide an environment that is conducive to cultivating a personal, intimate, and passionate walk with the Lord.  With a heart that has been impacted by God, you’ll not only see your own life transformed, you’ll also be able to influence the lives of those around you.

Empowering the Hands

Every person needs to discover what their God-given purpose is, and be equipped with the practical skills to carry it out.  At VBCR, our goal is to deliver practical instruction, while providing ample opportunity for hands-on experience.  Our goal is to see our students mentored and mobilized to fulfil their purpose whether it’s in lay- or full-time ministry.

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