Financial Information

Accredited Courses:


A £25, non-refundable, registration fee is required with your application to Victory Bible College Rugeley.



Course fees are £1,070 per year and will be invoiced at the start of the school year. Fees paid in full prior to or during the first week of the first college term attract an early settlement discount of 10% reducing the amount payable to £963. Any students not paying in full at the start of the college year will receive a monthly statement showing the amounts paid and amount outstanding.

Bursaries may be available for those in financial hardship.

Non-payment of fees will result in suspension from the course.

Tuition payments can be made via the office during the college day, or by bank transfer. Cheques payable to DtN. Please enquire for bank details.


Payment of accounts

Paid in full prior to or during first week of starting college (includes early settlement discount): £963


Paid by 9 monthly instalments, due at the end of each month starting in September:


September – April £120

May balancing payment of £110


Paid by 31 weekly instalments:

1st 30 weeks of tuition- £35 per week

31st week of tuition – balancing payment of £20


Non-Accredited Day Students:

No registration is required. Fees are £10 per day of attendance. Bursaries for Day Students may also be available.



Students wishing to withdraw from the course must do so in writing to the college office. An interview will be arranged. Tuition fees will be charged to the end of the month in which the student withdraws.

Any student in non-attendance for 4 consecutive weeks will be deemed to have dropped from the course.

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